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No One Really Knows

No one really knows what you go through every day, or what you feel they say they understand but do they really do they even care about it or are they just trying to shut you up. No one knows the pain you feel when something you have wanted and hoped would happen and deep down you were certain but then it just blows up in your face or when the person you loved the most shatters your heart in a million tiny pieces without any mercy. Some people out there are as selfish as can be all they care is about themselves.

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There are about 13 hours left till the IGCSE and GCSE results come out personally i am terrified and have been counting the days till they came out. Yesterday i read a blog by the blogger Helping From The Heart about this very same topic and she said something about society and i quote

If it is the society that is stopping you, let me tell you one thing the society is not going to sit for your 9 to 5 job nor are they going to pay yours bills, so don’t give them attention, because no matter what you do, these people will never appreciate you.

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