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There are about 13 hours left till the IGCSE and GCSE results come out personally i am terrified and have been counting the days till they came out. Yesterday i read a blog by the blogger Helping From The Heart about this very same topic and she said something about society and i quote

If it is the society that is stopping you, let me tell you one thing the society is not going to sit for your 9 to 5 job nor are they going to pay yours bills, so don’t give them attention, because no matter what you do, these people will never appreciate you.

I agree with this statement but is it really that easy to ignore the society no matter how much you want to its not that easy you may have not done as well as your friends and or as well as you expected but always remember there is always 2nd 3rd 4th … time don’t give up. This is one of my favorite quotes my mum told me

“Behind every huge success…there are days and years of rejections, crying, loneliness, sadness, risk taking, trials and errors and failures…the real HEROs are the ones who have the courage not to quit on themselves but to go within themselves to find who they truly are and as a result they come back stronger than ever before…for the world to be inspired”

I am lucky to have a mum who understands that grades aren’t all that matter and as long as you put all your effort and you worked hard and i am so grateful for that.

If you are anxiously awaiting your results just sit down, relax have a cup of tea cozy up on the couch and watch some netflix or just sit in silence because your mental health is more important that a couple of letters.


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I am a 16-year-old girl who lives in Kenya, I am a Muslim and a Directioner.

2 thoughts on “ONLY 13 HOURS LEFT

  1. I totally agree to what you said about the society, you can’t completely ignore them, I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the donkey and the owners who were father and son, if you haven’t I’ll say it briefly “so one day a father and a son were traveling a long distance and the son was sitting on the donkey so people said that how can a son be so disrespectful the father is walking and the son is sitting on a donkey, hearing this the son got down and the father sat on the donkey, then the people said how heartless is the father that he is sitting on a donkey and the son is walking in the sun… so the father told the son to sit on the donkey as well, when they were both riding on the donkey people said, how cruel are these father and son they don’t have mercy on the poor animal, so hearing this they both got down , while they were walking with the donkey people said how foolish are these people, they have a donkey and they are still walking on feet.” So the message here is that the people/society will always judge you no matter what you do, that’s why it’s best to avoid them…. Anyway best of luck for your results I’m sure you’ll do well! ❤

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