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No one really knows

No one really knows what you go through everyday, or what you feel they say they understand but do they really do they even care about it or are they just trying to shut you up. No one knows the pain you feel when something you have wanted and hoped would happen and deep down you were certain but then it just blows up in your face or when the person you loved the most shatters your heart in a million tiny pieces without any mercy. Some people out there are as selfish as can be all they care is about themselves.

People say :

Why don’t you start the conversation and say hi don’t wait for him

But what if he makes you feel like he doesn’t even want to talk to you and that your just a piece of crap and that at that moment he would rather be chased by a Hurd of wild dogs.

  • If your skinny your anarexic
  • If your fat your obese
  • If your a virgin your too good
  • If your not a virgin your a slut
  • If your friendly your fake
  • If your quiet your rude

The society has no right to tell me who I am or how I should live my life I am the one to decide but then when I say I’m not going to care am I just to scared to stand up for myself, I start thinking Are they right do they have a point am I living my life the wrong way. NO . You don’t want me to be skinny, you don’t want me to be fat, you don’t want me to be a virgin but you want me to be a virgin , you don’t want me to be friendly or quiet.

Everyone lives their lives that way they want to. It’s not me who needs a change its the society that needs one with their stereotypical views. If a boy is mean to you he doesn’t like you and if a man phsically or even mentally abuses you he doesn’t love you. Society causes abusive husbands and wives too. Not every smart girl has glasses and braces and is ugly and doesn’t have a social life, not every pretty cheerleader is dumb as hell, not every exceptable girl to the society has blonde hair, blue eyes, a skinny ass waist and has to be curvy.NO. People who think like this ruin the society everyone is beautiful in their own way girls all over the world are victims of these stereotypical demands. Society needs to be changed the morals need to be changed it needs to be remodeled from its foundation.

This is for everyone who has and is still being judged by the society no one deserves this no matter what your skin color or your hair color or your eye color or even how your winged liner looks if you like it no one should tell you otherwise. Why do boys sag their pants so much and it becomes a trend but if a girls bra strap is showing just a little it’s shameful ,I mean everybody knows I wear a bra so what it’s not the 1800s anymore. I mean even Barbie the face of Mattel is changing a becoming more diverse so why can’t we change.

That’s all I have to say you can take a step to change the society just one step stop being who the society tells you to be,be who you want to be.



I am a 16-year-old girl who lives in Kenya, I am a Muslim and a Directioner.

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