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#GirlLove Challenge

Challenge accepted. Lily Singh aka IIsuperwomanII created the concept #GirlLove Challenge is about girl on girl hate in school,work etc .We just hate one person because they are different and how we judge them or call them sluts,fat or too skinny. Women are strong, powerful who can endure alot ,influential. Girl on girl hate is mostly there because of jealousy you want something they have as Mamrie Hart said its just like admiring someone so dont be jealous admire one another and learn from each other, Dont fight with your friend over a boy. Withe the time saved from not hating other we could accomplish alot we have to work together. Stop girl on girl hate when you see it in action and compliment each other. I admire my mum she has accomplished so much, she has managed to juggle work, taking care of me and the house and being a single mother she inspires me and has always supported me no matter whatever happens and i would like to thank Lily singh for this amazing concept I support your cause .I challange you to tweet, Instagram, Facebook ,Snapchat  #GirlLove Challange and talk about who you admire .And most importantly money is raised for each view and will be donated to the Malala Fund

 Go and watch,Like and Subscribe IIsuperwomanII #GirlLove Challange



I am a 16-year-old girl who lives in Kenya, I am a Muslim and a Directioner.

2 thoughts on “#GirlLove Challenge

  1. Reblogged this on Purple Silky Kisses and commented:
    Here’s something that everyone should really get involved with #GirlLoveChalenge,” what an awesome idea. Instead of hating one another, fighting each other, why not compliment one another. Girls and women alike, need to be nicer to one another because togetherness paves the way for stronger, independent, and fierceful women–not to mention powerful as well! Thanks”Beauty and Whatever,” for a powerful post.


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